Monday, October 22, 2012

Endorsement from Ann Sullivan - New Lisbon

I am endorsing Sarah Ann Shanahan for Assembly for the 50th District. She is currently our clerk for Town of Fountain and took over midterm, learning the job primarily on her own. She is a dedicated person and when you ask her a question, she doesn’t say “call this number or check this website”; she is the kind that says ‘I will find out and get back to you’. That is the commitment you will  get if you vote for Sarah Ann. Her experience as a clerk has really made her an asset to all our residents and will be instrumental in helping all her constituents. This is the kind of mission statement I would give to Sarah Ann “I will be responsible, ethical and devoted to my constituents and will work with all political parties in a harmonious manner.” That is the kind of person she is and I hope you will vote for her on November 6th.

Arris Sullivan, New Lisbon 

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